Amazon Web Services

Choosing the leader to secure its activities

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted, for those who still doubted it, the importance of the availability and resilience of the technological environment used by companies. These two qualities apply even more to the applications in charge of the security of this same environment, and to the sensitive data which could be coveted.

Unfortunately, securing and enhancing an on-premises infrastructure is as complex as it is costly. The solution often consists of migrating some or all critical infrastructure elements, or all applications, to the Cloud. It is well known that the management of IT infrastructures on the Cloud is, on average, 62% more efficient than when they reside on company premises. The economic benefits are also very swift. It is estimated that a company that migrates to the Cloud saves 31% annually on its infrastructure costs.

In order to offer customers a turnkey solution for the security of their data, the NETsatori team has developed an advanced expertise in the migration of servers and applications to AWS Cloud.

One particular fact supports the choice of Amazon as a privileged partner of NETsatori: with its 31% market share (2020), AWS is the undisputed leader in Cloud hosting, far ahead of Microsoft’s 20% and Google’s meager 6%. This domination is no coincidence (Amazon is the most reliable provider on the market) and guarantees NETsatori access to a range of unrivalled solutions and resources.

AWS hosts the data and applications of thousands of companies (from General Electrics to Coca-Cola, Samsung and Twenty-First Century Fox) to increase their productivity and resilience. The migration to AWS is now within the reach of all companies in Quebec and we at NETsatori believe that the digital transformation that organizations must do to position themselves in the competitive context created by Covid-19 most often involves virtualization, ideally on AWS.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you migrate your security applications, your databases, and your physical or virtual servers.