To stop looking for the needle in the haystack

The generalization of connected objects – from network printers to security cameras, PDAs, multiple robots, and even intelligent lighting – leads to a proportional increase in the potential number of security breaches. It is almost impossible for a company to keep a complete and up-to-date inventory of tens, if not hundreds or thousands of these heterogeneous devices at all times, in addition to mobile devices (phones, tablets, laptops) and fixed infrastructures that include servers as well as personal computers and network equipment.

To address the critical security need to be able to inventory and then monitor in real time all assets (truly “all” assets) across the enterprise, NETsatori uses the award-winning Armis platform for cybersecurity.

The genius idea of Armis’ founders was to invent a solution that does not require any agent, physical or software, to be installed in the network to be able to detect all the systems connected to it, map them in detail, and then monitor them continuously to detect any suspicious activity. No more complex installations, no more cumbersome and inefficient network scans, no more unreliable log analysis. With Armis, there is no more lost needle in the haystack. Everything is identified, classified, and monitored, in a passive, non-intrusive approach.

But Armis goes beyond classification and monitoring by automatically, if desired, taking steps to protect the company’s digital assets if an imminent threat is detected.

Armis does not replace security systems that perform behavioral user analysis. Armis complements them by focusing not on the human, but on the object, on the premise that none of them can be ruled out as potential sources of risk. The platform therefore studies the functioning of objects, whatever they are, to check whether what they do correspond to “normal” behavior. And if this is not the case, it reacts instantly by disconnecting the object or quarantining it, while an analyst notified by Armis has time to analyze the incident.

NETsatori is working closely with the Armis team to deploy this leading cyber security solution in four major sectors: service companies; healthcare organizations; manufacturing; and retail. Contact us to discuss the best way to have an inventory of everything connected to your network and the best way to monitor it.