Cisco / Meraki

Decrease your operational costs while capitalizing on new business opportunities!

Meraki creates IT solutions that are100% in the cloud… and they work, it’s that simple!

Technology has the potential to connect us, to empower us and to motivate us.

Cisco Meraki feels that it is possible to simplify powerful technology in order to give passionate people the means to focus on their mission and to connect groups that were previously excluded.

Cisco Meraki also positioned itself as a champion of the Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD WAN) in order to simplify the management of a private wide area network (WAN).

Founded in 2006, Meraki has since risen to the rank of IT leader with over 230,000 clients and 3 million online network devices worldwide. Its exhaustive line of solutions includes wireless, switching, security, communications, and security management solutions, as well as security cameras, all managed via Meraki’s Web dashboard interface.

That’s how users of Meraki solutions can capitalize on new business opportunities while decreasing their operational costs.

NETsatori is a historical partner of Cisco Meraki. Contact us to discover how you too can harness the potential of this state of the art equipment.

Cisco Meraki – Réseau sans fil - Champion du SD-WAN