Customized Training

Customized training sessions for optimal efficiency

Training sessions in the fields of networking and security are quite diverse.

But how can you determine which ones are right for you?

Since its beginning, NETsatori is one of the few companies of networking and security experts to offer training sessions that are truly customized to help your staff get the full benefit from your existing or newly acquired networking equipment and security software.

Our instructors start by making a precise assessment of the staff’s knowledge — whether a single technician or a full network team — and then develop a lesson plan to supplement that knowledge according to the company’s needs.

Our training sessions are based on the models and versions of the equipment and software that your company uses. They take into consideration the existing security policies and cover in detail all the relevant features and functions and quickly review the others.

The goal is to get your resources to excel in the management of the tools in place, without wasting time on functionalities that haven’t been implemented or will never be used.

Training by practitioners, not theoreticians

NETsatori‘s strong point is the quality of its training staff. Far from being “full-time training pros” that endlessly repeat standardized content, our instructors are part of our network and cybersecurity team. They deploy and use the technologies they teach on a daily basis, on actual sites.

Therefore, no empty chatter, no useless theory, just concrete and relevant examples of architecture and security concepts, in a hybrid training/consulting format that is quite appreciated.

Thanks to its unique practical and operational expertise, NETsatori can develop and provide customized training sessions, in English or in French, on systems like Palo Alto, Aruba, AlgoSec, or Cisco, to name but a few.

Contact us today and consult our team regarding the network and security training that your organization requires.

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