Defence and public safety

NETsatori strengthens the network security of critical sites

The subject of network security in the sectors of defence and public safety is virtually a pleonasm.

It is, however, a distinct speciality, one that NETsatori has learned to master over time.

When designing the network architecture for a military research lab or a high security detention centre, requirements for access management, encryption, redundancy, traceability and performance take on a whole new dimension.

However, the most critical sectors are not immune to the evolution of technology and working methods. NETsatori’s network and cybersecurity experts, in collaboration with their manufacturing partners active in the field of cyberdefence, help organizations implement wired and Wi Fi networks that are particularly resilient to internal and external threats.

Contact us so that we may assess the best way to optimize and secure your network infrastructure.

Flagship projects
R&D assignment and development of an innovative cybersecurity solution for an important defence contractor.
Implementation of a secure video surveillance and access control network for detention centres in Quebec.
Cybersécurité et Sécurité Réseau dans les secteurs de la défense et de la sécurité publique