NETsatori, in the forefront of network security for engineering

The digital transformation started many years ago in the engineering sector, particularly in the fields of commercial and industrial construction.

3D modelling, digitization, SaaS software business solutions: the engineers must now rely on fast, highly secure networks, in a world where people are increasingly mobile, files are increasingly large, and information is often highly confidential.

NETsatori has fulfilled many important network and cybersecurity assignments in the engineering field in order to implement highly sophisticated solutions that have become industry references.

Global architecture, access management, ultra secure, resilient, and high performance Wi Fi networks, NETsatori’s experts have worked on a multitude of projects, and each one of them has added to our wealth of knowledge.

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Flagship project
Analysis and complete design of the IT component for the purpose of bidding for the new wing of the Sainte Justine hospital. Analysis, architecture and technological design for the CHUM project.
Cybersécurité et Sécurité Réseau dans le secteur du génie