NETsatori strengthens the networks and security of financial services

The financial sector is a prime target for cyberattacks and attempted fraud of all kinds.

Simultaneously, the digital transformation is driving important changes in the banking and insurance sector, the volume of online transactions is consistently rising and regulations are constantly evolving to adapt to these new realities.

In this context, infrastructure speed and availability, the traceability of operations and data security are increasingly critical.

For more than a decade, NETsatori has been working with large Canadian banking institutions to deploy robust, secure networks and strengthen the protection of data and users alike.

Flagship project
NETsatori is helping Caisses Desjardins secure its activities with a state of the art cybersecurity solution. Also, NETsatori provides professional networking and security services to Caisses Desjardins on an ongoing basis, including security audits and migration of firewalls.
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Cybersécurité et Sécurité Réseau dans le secteur financier