Governance / Support for PCI, ISO 27001, ITSG 33

IT governance — misunderstood, and yet indispensable!

You want your employees to give you their all? In that case, your IT services and tools must run like a Swiss watch!

Nowadays, reliable, high‑performance and up‑to‑date information systems are a cornerstone of all profitable organizations.

These organizations must also be able to rely on a strong governance program.

Information systems and a governance program: indeed, the growth rate and sustainability of your organization are largely dependant on these two factors.

What is governance?

In a nutshell, this essential activity — also called IT Governance — refers to the measures implemented to ensure and maintain the activities below in a continuous fashion:

  • Data security
  • Regulation of the security systems deployed
  • Compliance to existing standards

In today’s environment, marked notably by constant change and increasing security risks, a customized security program that is both structured and accountable is vital to the health of your IT department (and your company as a whole).

Your IT governance program ensures that you :

  1. set out tactical and operational security rules (like implementing appropriate controls) according to your corporate objectives;
  2. adopt best practices in cybersecurity;
  3. ensure that the implementation of the normative framework is consistent;
  4. guarantee compliance with standards.

More specifically, NETsatori will help you comply to the essential standards below :

  • PCI
  • ISO 27001
  • ITSG-33

The starting point

The first step in creating an IT governance framework is to establish a global security program and to define :

  • General policies
  • Clear guidelines
  • Specific procedures

This will result in the application, within your organization, of customized security controls, principles and measures.

Time horizon

In time, your security governance will need to:

  • align strategically with your corporate objectives;
  • include risk management measures;
  • become an integral part of your corporate culture.

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