The health sector calls on NETsatori to secure its networks

At the heart of social mutations, the health care industry is facing many challenges: structural, budgetary, technological, but also in the area of security.

As with all industries, players in the health sector must optimize their processes by linking heterogeneous systems, by integrating more and more data generated by the IoT, or by allowing professionals to use disparate equipment. This must be accomplished in a secure environment, since protecting personal data is now a central concern.

Providing access to large volumes of data on high performance, mobile networks without compromising security requires a high level of expertise!

And that is exactly the type of expertise that NETsatori’s team has been able to acquire through its many important projects in this sector. Reliability, resilience, performance, traceability, accountability and governance, our standards always remained the same!

Contact us so that we may assess the best way to optimize and secure your network infrastructure.

Flagship projects
Architecture and deployment of all the networks at the CHUM’s new research centre. Major project including geofencing with RFID tags and programmed links to prevent the introduction of soiled carts in sterile areas.
Hôpital Général juif
Support for the implementation of an AeroScout RTLS solution Guidance and support for the implementation of an Aruba Wi Fi network Plan and specifications for a call for proposals Architecture and definition of needs for the new K Pavillon.
Hôpital Sacré-Cœur de Montréal
Analysis and technical specifications for the new Wi Fi network and the implementation of a network management tool. Support and guidance for the upgrade of the hospital’s entire network, from the emergency wards to the administrative services.
Cybersécurité et Sécurité Réseau dans le secteur de la santé