Cybersecurity and ultrareliable networks — NETsatori also helps factories!

For a few years now, we’ve been hearing of manufacturing 4.0, those robotized factories that rely heavily on state of the art technologies and artificial intelligence. The province of Quebec has not yet fully adopted this hyper-connected manufacturing model in which the network reigns supreme, but Internet technologies have already made a prominent entrance in this sector.

From the design phase to quality control, as well as procurement and distribution, this industry is totally dependant on a high performance, secure, reliable network.

NETsatori’s network and security experts have had the privilege of helping manufacturing firms design, implement and, in some cases, maintain networks that play a critical role in the life of these organizations.

Preventing targeted attacks, protecting the users’ terminals against viruses and phishing attempts or maintaining a major firewall group and ensuring a balanced demand for bandwidth: NETsatori’s activities in the manufacturing sector are incredibly diverse!

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Flagship projects
Engineering and migration of firewalls to Palo Alto Next-Generation Firewall throughout the world.
Operational management of firewalls and multiple security projects.
Segmentation and hardening of the corporate network and process control in several plants
Loréal Canada
Implementation of an SDA network with Bleeding Edge (a state of the art Cisco technology) at the headquarters and the distribution centre. Modernization of the private addressing system Segmentation and hardening of the network.
Security audits for this company in the petrochemical sector.
Design and installation of a data centre Engineering services for the integration and migration to a common network Support for the deployment of a Wi Fi network at headquarters
Hardening of the network and Wi Fi support Engineering and deployment support for the global network, routing solutions and the VPN
Cybersécurité et Sécurité Réseau Secteur Manufacturier