NETsatori at the heart of enterprise security in Montreal, with Aruba’s IntroSpect and ClearPass

For companies in Québec and around the world, cybersecurity is emerging as a top issue.

Unsurprisingly in such a context, the Rendez-vous de la sécurité de l’information (RSI), the 12th annual conference of the Association de Sécurité de l’Information du Montréal Métropolitain (ASIMM), achieved record attendance levels.

The event took place in a futuristic multisensory setting at the Hilton Doubletree, and of course NETsatori was present with its global partner Aruba.

Rapidly increasing risks

Business security investments are expected to grow at a cumulative rate of nearly 10% per year for at least the next three years, as indicated by several studies. (According to IDC, this technology sector is expected to take the lion’s share in 2019.)

This highlights the magnitude of the challenges for organizations, which must typically deal with:

  • A complete transformation of their network environment – which occurred in a few years only
  • The partial or total migration of their data to the cloud
  • The multiplication of SaaS solutions
  • The need to open sections of their network to partners
  • Mobility, now omnipresent and unavoidable
  • The emergence of (a multitude of) connected objects
  • Etc.

All these factors significantly complicate the task of cybersecurity officials, who are confronted with a multitude of threats.

Insidious threats: worse than frontal attacks

In addition, these threats are often nearly if not totally invisible.

AS our discussions at the symposium with security officials from three major Canadian financial institutions and some Québec government agencies made clear, the growing risk in cybersecurity comes less from brutal attacks than from sophisticated schemes, as hackers use small and apparently innocuous activities to cover up their activities.

This is what makes the combination of ClearPass and IntroSpect so relevant. As the members of the NETsatori and Aruba joint team explained, the power of a UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics) solution such as IntroSpect is that it scans user and device behaviour for minute anomalies which usually go undetected.

Only machine learning combined with artificial intelligence, as offered by IntroSpect, has the capacity to detect these needles in the haystack of big data, fed in real time by thousands of network sensors.

Coming up at Aruba

The ASIMM symposium was also an opportunity to give a peek at what Aruba has in its pipeline.

In particular, it is expected that there will be an increasing focus on the cloud for a large number of the OEM’s services, including connected IoT management.

Security in the healthcare sector

The subject also generated stimulating discussions with the representatives of a Montreal hospital centre seeking to enhance its security measures.

Naturally, since data confidentiality is crucial in the health sector, where the smallest security breach can have serious consequences, the idea of mitigating risks by identifying weak signals as quickly as possible, as advocated by NETsatori and Aruba, met with a positive response.

When any connected device is a potential vulnerability, the highly granular rights management provided by ClearPass, combined with InstroSpect’s 130 AI algorithms, which constantly scan the activity of each object, provides information that – properly contextualised and prioritized – can support speedy decision making.

And in the event of malicious intrusions, timely responses can make a huge difference.

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