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Overall protection without compromise

Palo Alto, the undisputed world leader in the industry (70,000 customers and 2.9 billion in revenues in 2020), is known for always pushing the boundaries of security.

Its mission: to prevent cyber-attacks in order to protect our digital lifestyle with End-to-End Security.

This mission, which its customers praise year after year, is reflected in the constant evolution of its technology to adapt to our changing environment and the risks that this entails.

An ecosystem first and foremost

Offering a true platform based on what is known as the “Next Gen Architecture”, Palo Alto provides highly efficient and innovative cyber security for networks, mobile devices and the cloud, with cutting-edge solutions for SDDCs (Software-Defined Data Centers), those data centers where everything – from the network to the CPU and security – is virtualized (on AWS or Azure, for example) and offered in service mode (SaaS). Following in the footsteps of the Next Generation Firewalls that have made Palo Alto so famous, the Californian company offers an ecosystem that takes on its full meaning when security is at the heart of the issues at stake.

Prisma, the all-in-one security solution for the Cloud

Recently, massive migrations to the Cloud have completely changed the way we understand security, both in terms of its spectrum of intervention and operations. The development of applications and the integration of security are being disrupted by increasingly short development and solution lifecycles. At the same time, security criteria have to be tightened, because the risks are increasing all the time.

Faced with this squaring of the circle, Palo Alto has set up Prisma Cloud, which enables development teams to work securely in the main Cloud environments, whether AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud, but also IBM Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, Red Hat Openshift or VMware Tanzu.

The foundations Palo Alto has laid for Prisma are simple:

  • Accurately identify users and understand their behavior to identify any suspicious activity.
  • Ensure the complete security of the network by providing permanent behavioral monitoring of all its components.
  • Secure applications and systems by integrating control elements from the very beginning of the software development process.
  • Implementing automated tools to facilitate governance and compliance, regardless of the complexity of the environment

Contact us today to discuss with our security experts how Prisma’s solution can help you better protect your hybrid infrastructures.

Cortex, to inject productivity into its security operations

To allow cyber security managers to focus on what is really important, Palo Alto has developed Cortex, the most advanced XDR (Extended Detection and Response) on the market capable of automatically identifying, responding to and selecting risks that require immediate attention.

As a true security control tower for the company’s digital assets, Cortex centralizes all orchestration and automation activities to manage all alerts, track incidents, solves them and oversees investigations when necessary.

To fulfill this ambitious mandate, Cortex relies on various functions that make it unique, such as the transformation of the organization’s security data into a repository (Cortex Data Lake) or the integration with hundreds of monitoring tools to automate the use of extracted intelligence (Cortex XSOAR).

Palo Alto, NETsatori partner

By offering a comprehensive platform and a wide range of security products, Palo Alto enables organizations to ensure effective cyber security on its networks, mobile devices and in the cloud.

It is then no coincidence that NETsatori chooses Palo Alto when security is at the heart of the matter.

NETsatori has been a preferred partner of Palo Alto for several years, and our team has completed numerous installations of complex Palo Alto solutions.  On a daily basis, our security experts manage dozens of Palo Alto firewalls around the world.

Without pretension, the best team of Palo Alto experts in Quebec is at NETsatori!

Contact us today to discuss with our security experts how Palo Alto equipment can help you better protect your infrastructures.

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Palo Alto Networks - Une protection globale sans compromis