Palo Alto Networks

Overall protection without compromise

Palo Alto, the undisputed world leader in the IT security industry, is well‑known for always pushing the boundaries.

It’s no surprise that it has the privilege of ensuring the security of tens of thousands of companies, and their clients.

Its mission: to prevent cyberattacks in order to protect our digital way of life.

Because of its innovative character, the Security Operating Platform solution protects the digital transformation of organizations by way of innovations that combine the latest advances in security through automation using APIs and advanced analyses.

Palo Alto’s security solutions are highly regarded by organizations the world over that give them the highest reliability scores and consider them to be among the best in the industry.

So, it is not a coincidence that NETsatori often selects Palo Alto’s Next Generation Firewall when security is at the heart of the matter.

By offering a true platform and contributing to the reinforcement of a growing ecosystem composed of agents of change, Palo Alto provides highly efficient and innovative cybersecurity for networks, mobile devices and the cloud, with state‑of‑the‑art solutions for Software‑Defined Data Centres (SDDC), data centres in which all the elements — from the network to the CPU, including security — are virtualized (on AWS or Azure, for example) and offered in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS).

NETsatori has been a privileged partner of Palo Alto for many years. Our team has implemented many complex Palo Alto installations and continues to manage dozens of Palo Alto firewalls on a daily basis throughout the world.

Without pretence, the top Palo Alto experts in Quebec work for NETsatori!

Contact us today and learn from one of our security experts how Palo Alto equipment can help you better protect your infrastructures.

Palo Alto Networks - Une protection globale sans compromis