Transportation and aerospace

Another of NETsatori’s missions: network security for the transportation and aerospace industries

Focus on mobility, increased air travel, emergence of driverless vehicles, never before has man been so obsessed with getting from point A to point B, which may appear paradoxical in a world that is increasingly connected, where — thanks to telecommunications networks — distance has become inconsequential for personal and professional relationships.

By plane, train, bus and automobile, people travel at an increasing rate, and expect to remain reachable — online, socially and professionally.

In an extremely competitive context, this increased pressure on the transportation and aerospace industries impacts both the industrial production process and operations, which need to be increasingly efficient.

This competition drives companies to build a rich and sincere relationship with its customers in order to retain clients that are increasingly mobile, connected and… exacting.

Network performance, reliability and security — generally within the context of strict regulatory frameworks — are essential to the success of organizations active in the transportation and aerospace industries. For several years, NETsatori has been helping medium sized and global companies in the transportation and aerospace industries conduct security audits, implement, secure and manage their networks on a daily basis and monitor the operations of their networks.

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Flagship projects
Architecture, deployment and management of Bombardier’s worldwide Wi Fi network and its authentication service, managed with Aruba.
Support services for network security and authentication system management of main sites and subsites worldwide Wi Fi and Aruba authentication servers.
Société de transport de Montréal
Security and network architecture for iBus project Deployment and operationalization of a telecom solution implemented with Cisco