Video games

NETsatori, ensuring the cybersecurity of the video game industry

Nowhere are networks stretched to their limits more than in the video game industry!

With mobility pushed to the extreme, vastly heterogeneous environments, the colossal volumes of data to be transferred at lightning speed and the high value of the intellectual property owned by the studios, the video game industry expects nothing more than miracles from network and security experts.

It’s the type of challenge that NETsatori loves to take up, and it has done so with major players of this industry.

Based in Montreal, one of the world capitals in the video game industry, NETsatori has quite naturally developed expertise in cybersecurity adapted to this industry, designing high performance networks that studios have used to link their various cells and enable their teams to work synchronously, even when they are thousands of kilometres apart.

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Flagship projects
Warner Brothers WB Games
Wi Fi network and security project
Eidos interactive
Deployment of a high performance Wi Fi network
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Cybersecurity support services
Cybersécurité et Sécurité Réseau dans le secteur du jeu vidéo