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Building Stronger &
Safer Networks

Securing complex networks, protecting data, migrating firewalls, turnkey solutions and more. NETsatori can be relied on for cutting edge security needs and expertise.

Services & Solutions

NETsatori's team specializes in both professional and managed services to help keep your organization up to date with all your security needs, with customized solutions and respectful service,

Wi-Fi Services

Design, Deploy & Troubleshoot large scale industrial and mission critical Wi-Fi infrastructures

LAN & WAN Services

Modernization of Network and Security auditing with visibility and access control

Wired & Wireless
Network Access Control

Hardening and Strengthening security through segmentation


Platform Virtualization combined with resource virtualization

Security Services

Endpoint Monitoring, Design and Deployment and Tailored Migration to take full advantage of security improvements

Penetration Testing

Internal, External and Web Application Penetration testing services to secure your organization from attackers

Abstract Lines

Stronger & Safer Networks
Stronger & Safer Relationships

With an ever changing and evolving threat landscape, NETsatori has built a team of highly skilled individuals to help bring the latest in technology and trends to your security and data.


security solutions that provide strong authentication, control of company data over BYOD devices and the organizations internal/external cloud


your IT team by automating, via a user portal, simple and repetitive IT tasks with low added value


solutions that provide visibility, control and automatic adaptation of your network infrastructure according to applications


Let us help you secure your organization's data


NETsatori believes in education and offers immersive training and educational programs to help develop the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. Get a jump start in this rewarding career today.


Stay up to date with the latest cyber security trends, features and news!


NETsatori is geared towards providing you with up-to-date and customized Cyber Security solutions.

Get in touch and see how we can cater to your needs.


Solutions that provide visibility, control and automatic adaptation of your network infrastructure according to applications

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