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Do you dream of starting a rewarding career in cybersecurity?

With NETsatori's coaching program, your dreams can become reality!

Are you a quick learner, curious, motivated and resourceful? 

Would you like to reorient your career towards a field with growth, rich in opportunities, and high quality jobs?

Here's your chance! 


NETsatori offers a cybersecurity coaching program!

This program is designed for those who are looking for new challenges, a career change or those who want to take their skills to the forefront of the market. You can change trajectory and spread your wings with a team of experts, and learn in an accelerated way!

Who is it for?

For anyone who has worked in IT, ideally in networking, telecommunications or related fields and who wishes to quickly acquire knowledge in cybersecurity. You must have a great thirst for knowledge and love concrete and intensive technical training.

How it works?

It is paid apprenticeship work. 

You will have to pass interviews, technical tests to assess your motivation, level of knowledge and ability to learn. Once selected, you will be paired with your "coach", a senior advisor whom you will accompany in "shadow" mode on real mandates and projects. While progressing with the help of your coach, you will successfully complete various technical training courses and gain new skills. You will gradually take on more responsibility, until you are able to carry out projects independently.

How long does it take?

It all depends on you and your motivation! Your involvement in the training process, your interest in study, readings and the time spent developing your skills in the laboratory will play a direct role.

Are you curious and think this program could be for you? Contact us at:

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