When Ethernet rhymes with responsiveness, reliability and quality

A global provider of integrated solutions and services, iS5 Communications creates incredibly reliable platforms for critical industrial networks. Designed to meet stringent requirements, iS5 products protect industrial applications and the communications of essential public utility infrastructures like substations and road and railway transportation.

Leading the pack in the field of secure industrial networks, iS5 Communications products are designed to transmit data efficiently, without any loss of packets, even in extreme environments and in the presence of electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Compliant with IEC 61850 and EN50155 standards, iS5 Communications products are crucial when deploying state‑of‑the‑art technologies for:

  • Critical applications for transportation, energy, defence and monitoring
  • Smart cities
  • Internet of Things (IoT) using secure gateways

For example, NETsatori often recommends the multifunctional Raptor platform, characterized by its flexibility and ease of adaptation. Its Web‑based user interface makes it easy to configure, without the need for emulators.

A unique platform offering multiple functionalities, the Raptor series occupies a key place in NETsatori’s toolbox.

Contact us today and ask our network experts how integrating a Raptor solution can benefit your project.

IS5 Communications – fiabilité dans des infrastructures essentielles