Logic Monitor

Monitor everything, everywhere, all the time, thanks to AI and automation

Better safe than sorry. Continuous monitoring of infrastructures is nowadays a prerequisite for business continuity.

NETsatori has chosen LogicMonitor to verify in real time the health status of its customers’ increasingly complex hybrid environments. Thanks to its agentless technology, that do not require any configuration and feed information back to a Cloud platform, LogicMonitor deploys extremely quickly and covers almost all types of equipment and applications, whether local, in a private or public cloud, or a combination thereof.

NETsatori’s Managed Services and Security team leverages LogicMonitor’s advanced automation features (more than 1500 integrations are pre-configured) to generate custom granular reports. The predictive capability of this AI-boosted platform – adopted by more than 25 000 customers worldwide – enables the prevention of incidents at the earliest warning signs and the planning of potential scale-up requirements for specific assets.

Cost-effective to implement and operate, LogicMonitor moves smoothly from a few assets under surveillance to several thousands as the company and its business model evolves.

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