Migration of Firewalls

Controlling a complex migration while increasing the security of a network — it can be done!

Migrating data from one device to another is a long and tedious process, but migrating a whole network or security system to a different platform can critically impact a company’s activities.

Security and performance are the cornerstones of modern organizations, and what you need to avoid at all cost is to experiment or execute debugging operations in your production environment.

Complexity can originate from many sources :

  • Multiple vendors with virtual and physical solutions
  • Technological environments that are constantly evolving (moving between the cloud and distributed data centres, for example)
  • Complex interactions between firewalls, cybersecurity technologies and the company’s operations
  • Applications and data centres with different security policies that need to communicate in real time
  • Firewall configurations that inevitably swell over time

Migrating a firewall isn’t necessarily a complex task — but it must always be meticulously planned!

Linking security and productivity during a migration

At NETsatori, we firmly believe that you should never miss an opportunity to move to next level.

We not only help you meticulously plan and document each step of your upgrade or migration process to ensure a smooth and gentle deployment, we also make the most of this opportunity to increase your system’s security and performance.

Our objectives during a migration are very clear:

  1. Create a customized migration plan that adheres to existing policies, even across heterogeneous platforms.
  2. Identify and document all the existing security policies, services and algorithms for all firewalls and terminal.
  3. Ensure that only compliant policies and clear rules are transferred.
  4. Reduce to an absolute minimum the impact of a migration on operations.
  5. Help your team quickly benefit from the security and performance enhancements.

How do we achieve those objectives project after project?

The secret is rather simple (on the face of it):

  • Our team of experts follows best practices to the letter.
  • We use the best high‑performance tools.
  • We rely on strong partners, like AlgoSec.

Contact us today and consult one of our experts to see how we can help you realize your project.

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