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Our Services

NETsatori, which includes two divisions, specializing in professional services and managed services; deploys stronger and more secure networks in heterogeneous environments, thus ensuring that organizations have secure access, anytime, anywhere, to their data, they reside on their servers or in the cloud.

Thanks to its privileged business relationships with leading specialized companies, NETsatori allows you to benefit from a wide selection of cutting-edge network services and solutions with all the resilience, security and reliability your organization needs.

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Wi-Fi Services

  • Predictive Surveys

  • Passive & Active Surveys

  • RF Design & capacity planning (indoor, outdoor, Shopfloor, High Density, Moving/Roaming Stations)

  • WLAN Architecture (Branch, Micro-Branch, Campus, Multi-Sites)

  • Environment optimization and re-engineering

  • Implementation and refreshment of WLAN infrastructure

  • OS Upgrades (major or minor)

  • Training

  • Audit & Practice Assessment

  • Technology migration (move from one manufacturer to another)

  • RF Meshing P2P or P2MP

  • Security Hardening (Encryption, IDS, IPS, Certificates, Roles & Stateful Firewall configurations)

  • Disaster Recovery site design & Deployment

  • High & Low leve design documents

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  • LAN architecture (Campus, Multi-sites, Datacenter)

  • Design and capacity planning

  • Security Hardening

  • Environment optimization and re-engineering

  • Implementation and refreshment of LAN infrastructure

  • OS Upgrades (Major or minor)

  • Training

  • Audit & best practices assessment

  • Technology migration (move from one manufacturer to another) - routing migration , custom training

  • High & Low level design documents

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LAN Services

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  • WAN-Architecture

    • Adapted to current & future needs

    • Robust

    • Secure

    • Scalable

  • WAN Design, optimization and re-engineering

  • SD-WAN Design & Deployment

  • Cloud Migration

    • Strategy planning & selection

    • drafting roadmap & timeline

    • choosing the right environment

    • define the hosting area

    • migration of services & data

  • Audit & best practices assessment

  • Implementation and refreshment of WAN infrastructure

  • Training

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  • Quarantine or grant limited network access to unsanctioned devices

  • Easily & thoroughly authenticate then grant network access to users & devices through integration with your existing identity management

  • Profile, Secure, Monitor & Limit Access to IoT/OT & even medical devices throughout your network

  • Dynamically grant guest access to your visiting partners & consultants

  • Secure your network from BYODs while granting them limited access when needed

  • Maintain and demonstrate compliance with PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and similar frameworks requirements

  • Build complete executive reports regarding all connected endpoints in your infrastructure

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Network Access

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Firewall Migration

  • Create a tailored migration plan that respects the policies in place, even in a heterogeneous platform environment. 

  • Identify and fully document the security policies, services and algorithms in place on all firewalls and terminals. 

  • Make sure to only transfer compliant policies and clear rules. 

  • Minimize the impact of a migration on operations. 

  • Help your team quickly take advantage of performance and security improvements. 

  • Help making sure configurations are in accordance with best practices (using BPA tool)

  • Help cloud integration with Palo Alto (eg: MFA Azure)

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Crowdstrike is a cybersecurity company that provides automated response tools. Among these is Falcon Insight XDR. This product allows the detection of threats and the automated response to them. In fact, Falcon Insight XDR allows continuous monitoring of your network's endpoints. Note that Crowdstrike's Falcon platform uses an "Api First" approach that allows an enterprise to easily customize the product to its needs.

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Cloud Security

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  • Airwave - Network & Wi-Fi multi-vendor monitoring - Management of Instant APs

  • Aruba Central - Cloud based Aruba only Network and Wi-Fi monitoring and mgmt

  • Armis NDR - Deployment/Tresholds/Monitoring/IIoT Inventory/Compliance

  • QRadar SIEM - sending logs/parsing logs/threshold base on use case

  • Logic monitor for alerting and real time view of the network device

  • Assess device versions against current existing vulnerabilities

  • Custom detailed mon

Network Monitoring
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  • Search Engine Investigation

  • OSINT-Picture

  • Physical Location Information

  • Email Addresses

  • social media

  • Breached Credentials

  • Website Information

  • Reverse-IP

  • Shodan IoT search

  • Exposed Data

  • Subdomain Hunting

  • Dark Web Auditing and Monitoring

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Web App
Penetration Testing

  • Collecting information that is readily available on the internet without engaging the target

  • Active scanning and vulnerability assessment using various tools

  • Site-Mapping

  • Harvesting breached credentials to leverage against login portals

  • Leverage known exploits as described in the OWASP Top Ten

  • Provide detailed analysis of potential security risks that may not yet have publicly available exploits

  • Provide detailed and comprehensive remediations and recommendations to further help protect your organization and its data

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  • Real world attacks simulating a targeted phishing campaign testing both your infrastructure, email security and employees

  • Website cloning, infrastructure setup and “spoofing” of all aspects of the attack, from cloned emails to 'man-in-the-middle' websites

  • Full report on findings and weaknesses

  • Blue team considerations

  • Phishing Training

  • 'White-List Attack' in which a suspicious link is sent from an internal source to test the vulnerability of employee's ability and actions when presented with a malicious email

  • Information gathering, ranging from harvesting emails online, down to the construction and formation of internal emails

  • Harvesting credentials, login in details and “cookie sessions” which bypass two factor authentication

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Phishing Assessment
& Training

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Penetration Testing

  • An External Penetration Test puts focus on the scanning and exploitation of an organizations security perimeter

  • The Internal Penetration Test puts focus on pivoting and movement within an organizations network to expose security flaws and expose sensitive data

  • Exposing information through Open Source Intelligence Techniques

  • Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment

  • Uncover any exposed data or previously breached credentials through the Dark Web and other tools

  • Leverage known exploits against security vulnerabilities in order to gain access to the network/sensitive data

  • Provide a detailed analysis of findings, including exposed data and potential security weaknesses

  • Provide detailed analysis of potential security risks that may not yet have publicly available exploits

  • Provide detailed and comprehensive remediation and recommendations to further help protect your organization and its data

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